Why a Rheumatologist?

There is a common belief that rheumatology is a specialty aimed to elderly people rather than younger patients. Young an active people tend to go away from rheumatologist wrongly convinced that orthopedic surgeon is the bone & joint physician instead of the bone & joint surgeon.

We always explain to our patients that, in the same way that a headache is currently examined by a neurologist and not a neurosurgeon, aching bones and muscles must be studied, first, by a rheumatologist and not its surgical homologue.

por qu un reumatlogo para usted

Facing the same medical problem, a rheumatologist provides a most integrated view than orthopedics because of the broad base in internal medicine. In addition, the rheumatologist always tends to exhaust any non- surgical therapeutic approach.

If you are suffering from non-traumatic swelling in your joints, please do not hesitate to visit a rheumatologist, the bone & joint physician. A delay in an accurate diagnosis may be decisive for improving your prognosis.