What is Orthokine?

The Orthokine® therapy is a completely organic method, only using reparative factors and body proteins to improve symptoms caused by osteoarthritis, tendonitis and back pain. Early in the process IT is removed some? patient blood(no se que quieres decir). The blood is processed under special conditions. The obtained serum is then injected back into the affected region of the patient.

The Orthokine® therapy has been used since 1997 and applied by 400 orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, rheumatologists and sports physicians in Europe, with high success rates. Over 200,000 have applied Orthokine® injections so far.

The therapy is based solely on Orthokine® substances generated in the body of the patient and IT is, therefore, very well tolerated.

How the Orthokine® therapy works?

The Orthokine® therapy works by inhibiting the inflammation that often accompanies joint disease, nerve root irritation or  tendons or muscles injuries because of its high concentrations of natural anti-inflammatory: IL-1ra (Article)

How long do the effects of therapy Orthokine last?

Each case is different and it is impossible to predict the benefits of therapy in a particular individual. generally, the less advanced the degree of deterioration of the joint when the treatment is applied the more lasting is the beneficial effect (Article).

When is the Orthokine ® therapy is recommended?

This treatment is not recommended if you are suffering from an acute infection or fever, if you have had diarrhea in the last 3 days, have taken antibiotics in the previous week or have been vaccinated in the past four weeks. The Orthokine® therapy should preferably be applied in patients with stable overall health.

What interactions may occur with other treatments?

It is not known of any negative interaction to other medications or treatments Orthokine® serum may cause.

What side effects may occur?

Because of their ¿autologous? origin, that is to say, obtained from the blood of the patient, the Orthokine® therapy is  particularly well tolerated, and side effects are rare. Occasionally side effects due to the injection itself may occur (Article).

What is the treatment?

The patient comes to the doctor’s office for A blood drawn. According to the doctor’s recommendation an appointment for a first injection over the next week will be arranged.

Have you tried Orthokine® therapy scientifically?

Numerous studies are available that prove the high efficiency and lasting benefit of therapy: Knee Osteoarthritis Study, anterior cruciate ligament Study, Achilles Muscular Study. Studies may be obtained on patient@orthokin.de.

How many shots are needed?

The number of booster injections depends on the severity of joint injuries, back pain or muscle or tendon injury.

Can you repeat the Orthokine® therapy?

From the medical point of view, the treatment can be repeated any number of times/as many times as needed.